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Open side Metal Stud Box Support

Mounting Instructions for #BB-4SFB

The 4S-FB box will mount ot the BB with qty. 3 or 4, #8 self tapping screws. The box will be placed on top of the platforms of the BB. The screws will pass through the holes provided in the 4S-FB box brackets and self tap directly into the BB platform.

The BB platforms have a slotted front edge which slides on to the tab or lip of the open side of the metal stud, holding the box firmly in place. One #8 self tapping screw will be installed in any of the three retaining indentations in the retaining tab. This screw will prevent the BB from sliding away from the tab on the stud.

The BB can be attached to a metal stud in the field first, or for prefab work the box can be mounted to the BB at the shop, and then installed in the field with just the one screw required to hold the BB in position on the open side of the metal stud.

Installation Videos/Pics


$3.60 each
25 or 100 per case


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